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The COUGAR AQUATIC TEAM is one of New Jersey's premier, year-round swim clubs located in the heart of Essex County. We train at the Montclair Kimberley Academy in Montclair, NJ. Our unique approach to the sport of swimming optimizes the potential for every swimmer to achieve a feeling of success and happiness!

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  • Reminder that MKA is closed Saturday May 19, no practice for all groups! Good luck to those swimming at PTAC Tiger Challenge!!! 18 May
  • Events Calendar and Meet Entries have been updated!!! #GOCOUGARS 17 May
  • HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!! 13 May
  • Join us in congratulating KOJI SAWA, KEVIN WHITWORTH, and JAEDEN YBURAN - NEW CAT RECORD HOLDERS!!! #whosayscatscantswim 10 May
  • Event Calendar and Results page has been updated! 9 May
  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY COACH ERIC!!!! #40isthenew20 8 May
  • Carlee Sanchez-Hegarty is at the U.S. OTC in Colorado Springs, Colorado! Carlee is one of 48 swimmers who have been… https://t.co/xb9dyVcHWd 4 May
  • Friends don't let friends miss swim practice https://t.co/ccePT7xfeR 24 Apr
  • Spring 2018 SWIMAMERICA starts today!!! 16 Apr
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